Art Contest Rules – Original Artwork Requirement

  • Students may not reproduce another artists work and present it as their own
  • Only original artwork should be entered into the competition
  • Do not submit work that has been directly or indirectly copied from any source. Make the entry your own idea and creation
  • Do not copy or trace any part of someone else’s work whether photo or artwork, whether published or unpublished
  • Any copied or plagiarized work will be disqualified
  • You may rely on other’s work or images as a reference to develop your own work.
  • Educators and parents should assist students in understanding and developing original artwork and ideas. If they have any doubt to the student’s artwork and its authenticity they should not approve it. By signing the entry form supervising adult and/or parent are stating it is the student’s original idea and creation.

Technical Requirements

  • Artwork medium shall be any type flatwork including but not limited to pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, scratch board, crayon, pastel, paint, airbrush, paper collage etc. It may be multicolor, black and white or a single color.
  • The physical size shall be no smaller than, eight inches by eight inches, (8” X 8”) and no larger than, twenty-six inches by twenty-six inches, (26” X 26”) with a recommended ratio of the smaller dimension 75% or more of the large dimension. For example, 8" X 10" or 20" X 26" not 8" X 26." Artwork can be horizontal or vertical. Entries shall be no more than a (1/4”) thick if mailed.
  • Photographs taken by the student may be used as a reference in developing ideas and design.
  • No lettering, words, signatures or initials that may influence a judge may appear on the front of the artwork.
  • Carefully attach the signed entry form to the back of the artwork
  • Entries shall be no more than 1/4 inch thick if mailed


  • There are two methods for delivery, physical delivery and mailed delivery. There are deadlines for each published in the Rule and Regulation Guide. For teachers and schools making this a curriculum item we can arrange for pickup.


  • A valid social security number is required for the award of monetary prizes
  • Supervising adult and parents please be sure students have a social security number or procure one so that the monetary prize can be awarded. Prizes are good for six months. If the student has not obtained a social security number within six (6) months of winning the award the prize money shall be distributed equally to the other cash recipients.

Awards provided are as follows:

  • Monetary, by sponsor through the SMKC Charitable Trust
    • Best in Show: $500.00
    • Reserve Best in Show: $250.00
    • Pathos: $100.00
    • First Prize per each grade, K-12, each grade: $25.00
  • Recognition
    • First, Second, Third, and Fourth prize per grade
    • Possible Honorable Mention per grade not to exceed three per grade.
    • Recognition awards may include one of the following, ribbon/s, plaque/s or other means of recognition.
  • Participation
    • Each student shall receive a certificate of participation and be eligible for one free entry at the Eastern Shore Classic Cluster Dog Show on either Friday or Saturday. Details to follow.
  • Additional
    • Sponsors may contribute additional awards in any of the above categories.
    • Additional monetary sponsor awards are done through the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club Charitable Trust, a 501, (3c) entity.
    • Sponsors may designate the criteria for the award and the same shall bear their name.
    • Additional awards shall be announced as they are received.
  • Submitting Artwork
    • If mailing or shipping your entry please ensure that it has adequate support, cushioning and is properly protected during transit.
    • A loose detachable cover sheet may be laid over the artwork face to protect it during shipping. All artwork when received is stored in a protective zip type container. The same can be requested for transit.
    • Chalk and pastel entries should be sprayed with a fixative to eliminate possible scuffing or smudging during handling and transit.
    • Be sure artwork is dry cured and finished prior to submitting it.
    • Additional drop-off locations shall be announced to simplify the process.

Use and Authorizations by participation each student, supervising adult and legal guardian acknowledges the following rights and authorities and willingly agrees to each of the following conditions.

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club (SMKC),

  • A. Reserves the exclusive right to authorize the reproduction of the Best in Show winning design on various licensed products without compensation to the creator of the design or legal guardian.
  • B. Has the right to use the name, artwork and photographs of the student for promotional purposes without compensation.
  • C. May disqualify any entry submitted to the Art Contest that has the appearance of a plagiarized submission.
  • D. Will not insure the entries it receives or be responsible for the loss or damage of entries, o e.) may display the artwork for up to 13 months from the final display at the Eastern Shore Classic Dog Shows.
  • F. Requires the winning artist provide access for photographs and sign the winning artwork free of charge.
  • G. The Art Contest may make changes to facilitate the efficient operation and fairness of the contest. Such changes, if any shall be communicated to each participant by email.


  • Judging panel and dates shall be announced shortly after the submission deadlines have past.
  • No judge shall be allowed to judge a student’s work where a conflict of interest or appearance of the same may result. Judging ethics shall be published and available.
  • Judging results shall be announced immediately by email blast.

Return of Entries

  • For any entry not returned via the school or educator details for pick-up shall be communicated by email or U.S. mail.
  • Student and supervising adult are responsible for any change of address.
  • All unclaimed entries shall become the property of the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club after 45 days from the conclusion of the Eastern Shore Classic Dog Shows. Every effort will be made to safely return artwork to the students however artwork cannot be insured against loss, theft, or damage.